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Game Audio Mentoring

Mentoring is really invaluable to so many people, whether you're a student taking your first steps into game audio and just discovering the kind of jobs you want to do, an audio professional from another sector interested in games, or already in game audio but want some guidance from someone who has more experience, and of course that's just to be a mentee.

Being a mentor is also an incredible way to give back to your community and support your fellow game audio enthusiasts. You might open a door for someone who otherwise wouldn't get a shot, or provide invaluable advice that can change a whole career. 

Interested in taking part?

To be a mentee or mentor for Guildford Game Audio, you should live, work or study local to Guildford or have a reasonable local connection to the area, and be working in or interested in game audio.

If you would like to be a mentor you'll need a minimum of 1 years experience in the games industry. We recommend supporting your mentee for at least 1 hour a month for 6 months, but this can be flexible between you and your mentee.

If you are local to Guildford and would like support with your career in game audio, whether you're just starting out or seeking advice, sign up here. We'll do our best to match you to a mentor who will be a good fit for you.

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