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Founded by Alyx Jones and Lewis Thompson, Guildford Game Audio was created to fill the need of connecting professionals in game audio, to each other, and to those just starting out in the industry. There's sometimes a real lack of connection between the Games Industry, Education and the Community, so we're working to address that from our small corner.

Whether you are a sound designer, musician, audio programmer, dialogue editor, voice actor or any other area of game audio, we're here to help you connect!

We run regular meetups in Guildford for anyone who wants to come along, have a drink and a chat with other like minded individuals. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or sign up to our mailing list to get updated when things are happening.

We are also starting to run a mentoring scheme for the first time this year, which is open to anyone with a reasonable local connection to Guildford.

Alyx Jones

Alyx is Post Production Lead at Liquid Violet, a Voice Production Studio in London. Her most recent work is on titles such as Elden Ring, Bloodhunt, and Borderlands 3.

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Lewis Thompson

Lewis is Sound Designer at Soundcuts, a company that provides audio for games. He's passionate about mentoring and his most recent work includes The Quarry, As Dusk Falls, and Planet Zoo.

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Mentoring in audio is really getting lost, with so many jobs being freelance, it's hard to know who to talk to and where to turn.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main goal is to give audio professionals in and around Guildford a place to connect with each other. We believe mentoring is key to nurturing new talent and increasing accessibility into the industry for a wide range of people.

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Our Vision

We want to invest in the next generation.

We want to increase diversity.

We want to support talent.

Support us!

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